Seminars around permaculture

We offer a wide variety of seminars on all aspects of permaculture on our farm at regular intervals.

Be there and, in addition to the numerous impressions and relaxation, also take a little ecological agriculture with you into your home. Be it for the garden or for the balcony. we have something for every size.

You can find more information about our seminars directly at:

or you ask us directly.

“Cream and bacon cakes” at the holiday farm – Fischer

Between May and October there are always Saturdays (the best thing is, you ask us – or look directly at Ferienhof-Fischer)

In a cozy atmosphere, whether outside in the courtyard or inside under the hayloft in bad weather, there are plenty of cream and bacon cakes on these Saturdays.

For a sweet finish, they always have one with apple and cinnamon. For the “big ones” with a sip of the house liqour.

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