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Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Blackforesttrail

The Schaeffler MTB Arena Sasbachwalden continues to grow. The first section from the Grashöhe to Hörchenberg, the Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Black Forest Trail, is completed. It is designed so that all mountain bikers can ride it. Passages with increased demands on driving technique can be bypassed without any problems. The obstacles are marked accordingly. In principle, safe use of the mountain bike is required to use the route. The entrance can be reached via a forest road above the Grashöhe stop. From there it goes through the middle of the forest with a medium slope towards Brigittenschloss. Below the Brigittenschloss there is a connection on the gravel path to the paraglider launch site. After enjoying the brilliant view that opens up from this point, the trail meanders over the open area and then plunges back into the forest after another short piece of forest path. Many curves later you land directly at the Hotel-Restaurant Spinnerhof. <br> The route is characterized by obstacles that can be rolled over, such as waves, tables, bordering and small steps.  Streckenplan_Schwarzwaldtrail  (pdf – 3,03 MB) Link: Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Schwarzwaldtrail

Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom in the valley is always a special event in April. Even after you have left the autobahn, you will come to the Achertal via the B3. At the beginning there are a few fruit trees and then the number increases steadily until you can see the first vineyards on the left. There are numerous bike paths that lead along or through the fruit trees. At the end of April / beginning of May, the neighboring communities and their associations offer wine and beer hikes together.

View Brigittenschloss

The Hohenrode castle ruins and Hohenrode Castle are enthroned in a forest clearing above Sasbachwalden at an altitude of 760 m above sea level. Often the ruin is popularly called Brigittenschloss. It was created around the 11th century above Sasbachwalden on the western edge of the Black Forest. Today you can enjoy a great view of the Rhine valley up to the Vosges from the castle ruins. Moderately difficult mountain bike tour. Good basic fitness required. Advanced riding technique required. The starting point of the tour can be reached by public transport. Further details can be found here WEGBESCHAFFENHEIT Singletrail: 2,44 kmPath: 4,78 kmSide Street: 841 mStreet: 112 mNatural: 1,08 kmLose Ground: 3,37 kmGravel: 2,74 kmPaved Path: 750 mAsphalt: < 100 mUnknown: 166 m

Hornisgrinde view

Moderately difficult mountain bike tour. Good basic fitness required. & nbsp; Advanced riding technique required. The starting point of the tour can be reached by public transport . PATH CONSTRUCTION Singletrail: 791 mWay: 16,6 kmCycle way: < 100 mSecondary road: 3,92 kmRoad: 766 mFederal road: 174 mNatural: 945 mLoose ground: 6,33 kmGravel: 9,86 kmPaved path: 156 mAsphalt: 3,70 kmUnknown: 1,28 km You can find more details here

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