View Brigittenschloss

The Hohenrode castle ruins and Hohenrode Castle are enthroned in a forest clearing above Sasbachwalden at an altitude of 760 m above sea level. Often the ruin is popularly called Brigittenschloss. It was created around the 11th century above Sasbachwalden on the western edge of the Black Forest. Today you can enjoy a great view of the Rhine valley up to the Vosges from the castle ruins.

Moderately difficult mountain bike tour. Good basic fitness required. Advanced riding technique required. The starting point of the tour can be reached by public transport.

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  • Singletrail: 2,44 km
  • Path: 4,78 km
  • Side Street: 841 m
  • Street: 112 m
  • Natural: 1,08 km
  • Lose Ground: 3,37 km
  • Gravel: 2,74 km
  • Paved Path: 750 m
  • Asphalt: < 100 m
  • Unknown: 166 m
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