Hahn & Henne – Zell a. H

Who doesn’t know the bright green-yellow cups, plates and egg cups with Black Forest rooster and Black Forest hen? The friendly chicken couple will now also accompany you on the 14 kilometer long “cock and hen tour” around the Hinterhambachtal near Zell am Harmersbach. The Premium Trail and Black Forest Gourmet Trail lead in a varied way, sometimes through mossy, sometimes through sparse fir forests, along the edges of the forest, over wide meadow paths. Often the eyes wander over lonely farms, the idyllic Harmersbach and Hinterhambachtal. Would you like to enjoy the path and nature in peace? Then lace up your hiking boots during the week or even on Monday or Tuesday when the two inns Bergbauernhof and Vogt auf Mühlstein are closed.

The special thing about the rooster and hen tour: the most beautiful views are adorned with lovingly designed benches and rest areas in a rooster and hen look. From them you can enjoy the Black Forest’s cultural landscape at its best: For centuries, the farmers have created a mosaic of fields, arable land, pastures and orchards, their stately farms lie in the middle, and the wooded mountain peaks of the Harmersbach and Hinterhambach valleys rise all around. Connoisseurs will appreciate the silence of nature as much as the rustic atmosphere in the three snack bars. The highlights are the views from the plateaus over the mountains of the central Black Forest to the Alsatian Vosges.

Refreshment tips: PLEASE NOTE:

On Mondays and Tuesdays, backpack vesper day. The mountain farm and Gasthaus Vogt auf Mühlstein are closed on these working days. There are no places to stop for refreshments except during the opening times of the Oberburehof Besenwirtschaft (May to June, August to early October).

Refreshments on the way:

Bergbauernhof: Im Berg 1, Tel. 07837 849, Rest day: Monday and Tuesday, www.bergbauernhof-lehmann.de.
Vogt auf Mühlstein: Mühlstein 1, Tel. 07838 9559410, Rest day: Monday and Tuesday, www.vogt-auf-muehlstein.de. Closed until further notice!

Oberburehof, Besenwirtschaft: Hinterhambach 11, Tel. 07835 549830, Open: May till June and beginning of till beginning of October, www.oberburehof.de
Kuhhornkopf-Hütte, a short detour leads to the Kuhhornkopf hut, which is open on Sundays and public holidays.(closed in August), www.wuf-uh.de

Barbeque Hinterhambach,

Located directly on the circular route, it can be rented for a fee from the Unterharmersbach local authority Tel: 07835 / 426923-0.

You want to know more about the hike? Or book with overnight stay?
Tour description, GPX-Data and vertical meters are available on Outdooractive to download: 

Way description Hahn-und-Henne-trail to download

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